US Expat Tax Services

This service is specifically for American citizens living abroad and filing their tax. Our team of accountants includes specialists in expat tax. They will help you navigate the detail and help you to get the most out of your tax preparation, potentially saving you $thousands

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For ease and convenience, Qetax offers three main accounting subscription plans, carefully tailored to help you with what you need to prepare your tax properly. Simply select a plan that works best for your needs, if you prefer something completely bespoke, we can also organize a tailor-made plan for your business or personal tax.

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Tax Preparation

Filing your tax has never been easier with Qetax. We work hard to recoup money owed and advise on areas where you could save on tax. Our team boast years of impressive experience and we have a large variety of tax preparation services. We work with businesses across a number of industries and also offer a tax preparation service for individuals.

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IRS Representation

Your tax return doesn’t always end when you’ve filed it! Sometimes, you might receive a notice from the tax authorities requiring a tax audit. There’s no need to feel concern, Qetax understands exactly what’s needed in these circumstances. With extensive experienced in dealing with IRS audits and tax compliance, we know how to respond to IRS inquiries, reduce tax penalties and make sure you are always in the best possible position.

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New Business Formation

Registering a new business has various tax requirements and must be completed with precision to avoid future problems and to ensure tax compliance. Let us organize your business registration and deal with all the paperwork efficiently so you get on with what’s important to you, establishing your new business.

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