US Expat Services

If you are an American citizen living abroad then you need a reputable accounting firm that you can rely on. There’s no doubt that the US tax system is complicated and the legislation often changes so staying on top of it isn’t easy if you’re not a tax accountant. An expat tax return is even more complex, and if it isn’t filed correctly could result in costly penalties – possibly even an IRS audit. Qetax are experienced tax accountants and will organize your tax filing and make sure you are not overpaying. We will go through your tax carefully and take care of all the finer detail. By using a professional firm like ours, you avoid the risk of audits and penalties.

What we do

We provide tax advice, planning and compliance services whether for individuals, businesses, partnerships, trusts, estates, corporations and anything else subject to the US tax system.

Do you need to file?

Not all US expats are required to file a federal US tax return, for example, if your income is below $12,200 for a single person under age 65 or $24,400 for a married couple. However, in most cases, if you’re married to a non-resident alien or you are married and filing separately to your partner you must file your return if your income is more than $5. Tax filing also depends on whether you own property or investments (or other assets such as a trust) outside of the US (or inside the US) so it’s best to be safe and speak to a tax accountant to determine what you need to declare.

Never file late

Without doubt, when you are an expat, it is difficult to remember the exact filing dates required – using Qetax means you never file your return late and you don’t leave yourself at risk of penalties or interest.

Service Option Price
Federal Tax Return Current Year $429
Previous Year $329
Foreign Corporation $376
State Tax Return Current Year $149
Previous Year $119
Foreign Asset Reporting FBAR $79
FATCA $129
Late Filing & IRS Streamlined Procedures $959
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